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#1 - The Laundry Detergent Game

by Billy Schoenberg - 259 runs - 15 downloads
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Congratulations! You've just been hired by the major grocery chain The Price Shopper as head of marketing. Your job is to turn around The Price Shopper's dismal sales of laundry detergent. The big-wigs have given you 12 months and a marketing budget of up to $10,000 per month to spend as you please. They'll decide to keep you, or send you to the cleaners based on how much profit you bring in over the year. Do you think you can make the big MONEY?

#2 - Product Development Simulator

by Billy Schoenberg - 283 runs

The Bass Model or Bass Diffusion Model was developed by Frank Bass and it consists of a simple differential equation that describes the process of how new products get adopted in a population. The model presents a rationale of how current adopters and potential adopters of a new product interact.

#3 - Emergency Room

by Billy Schoenberg - 137 runs

This simulation shows the basic dynamics of a hospital emergency room. Patients arrive, are treated and leave. You are able to control the average arrivial rate and average treatment time. This simulation was made using the 3rd party developer API embedded within Stella Architect.

#4 - Webinar Sim

by Billy Schoenberg - 31 runs

This is the simulation we built during our webinar on 8/23/2016

#5 - Population Model

by Billy Schoenberg - 60 downloads

#6 - Demo for Teachers

by Billy Schoenberg - 46 downloads

Demo model

#7 - sample

by Billy Schoenberg - 47 downloads

#8 - Sample

by Billy Schoenberg - 4 downloads

#9 - uib-data-collection

by Billy Schoenberg - 11 runs

#10 - test

by Billy Schoenberg - 1 run

#11 - Console Wars

by Billy Schoenberg - 5 runs

#12 - demonstration

by Billy Schoenberg - 2 runs