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#1 - The Laundry Detergent Game

by Billy Schoenberg - 779 runs - 53 downloads
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Congratulations! You've just been hired by the major grocery chain The Price Shopper as head of marketing. Your job is to turn around The Price Shopper's dismal sales of laundry detergent. The big-wigs have given you 12 months and a marketing budget of up to $10,000 per month to spend as you please. They'll decide to keep you, or send you to the cleaners based on how much profit you bring in over the year. Do you think you can make the big MONEY?

#2 - Tragedy of the commons

by Billy Schoenberg - 27 runs

#3 - Population

by Billy Schoenberg - 278 downloads

Sample population model with graph

#4 - Emergency Room

by Billy Schoenberg - 291 runs

This simulation shows the basic dynamics of a hospital emergency room. Patients arrive, are treated and leave. You are able to control the average arrivial rate and average treatment time. This simulation was made using the 3rd party developer API embedded within Stella Architect.

#5 - Product Development Simulator

by Billy Schoenberg - 685 runs

The Bass Model or Bass Diffusion Model was developed by Frank Bass and it consists of a simple differential equation that describes the process of how new products get adopted in a population. The model presents a rationale of how current adopters and potential adopters of a new product interact.

#6 - Marketing and Customer Segmentation

by Billy Schoenberg - 60 runs

In this game you play the part of Dunkin Donuts in an established market of 1,000,000 coffee drinkers. This market is controlled only by Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks, there is no other competition. The market is segmented into 4 sub-groups: Heavy Regular, Heavy Espresso Base, Occasional Regular Occasional Espresso Base. The occasional coffee drinkers normally order a pastry (donut, cake, etc.) with their coffee more often than the the heavy coffee drinkers, but on an individual by individual basis the heavy coffee drinkers are buying more donuts each month than the occasional coffee drinkers. For this game you are concerned with selling 3 products: Regular Coffee, Espresso Base Coffee, Pastry (donuts, cakes, etc.) For each product you sell you have control over the following decisions: Process Improvement Spending, Taste Improvement Spending, Marketing, Price. Finally you can then also choose to open new stores or close existing stores.

#7 - Agent Based SD

by Billy Schoenberg - 130 runs

With this model I model the physical locations of all individuals in real space. (X,Y location). Individuals move randomly each day so that they mix. Based on an individuals location relative to each other individuals there is a chance for a person to communicate the infection to another person. To determine if the infection is communicated we draw a random number. If the number is equal to or less then the chance of infection if the other person is the carrier then the person P contracts the infection and can then spread it through the population. What is superior about this model is that we can now EASILY model the attributes of any individuals as a stock arrayed by Individuals and the interaction of people with others as arrayed variables by Individual, Individual. For instance if we wanted to model the time that an individual has had a disease we can do that by creating a stock called time_infected and have an inflow of 1 for each day that an individual is in the infected state.

#8 - Carrying Capacity

by Billy Schoenberg - 140 downloads

Simple carrying capacity CLD

#9 - Price War

by Billy Schoenberg - 108 runs

First iteration of price war multiplayer game. Two players are required a third is optional. Each player is competing to control the market. They sell perfect substitutes with equal production costs. Your only choice is what price you sell your product at

#10 - Console Wars

by Billy Schoenberg - 24 runs

In this game you play the part of Nintendo where you have to make investments into your console product portfolio and decide when to ship the Nintendo Switch

#11 - Emergency Room (using Animation Object)

by Billy Schoenberg - 43 runs

This simulation shows the basic dynamics of a hospital emergency room. Patients arrive, are treated and leave. You are able to control the average arrivial rate and average treatment time. This simulation was made using the Animation Object within Stella Architect.

#12 - Cow Grazing Dynamics

by Billy Schoenberg - 27 runs

This model is a agent based/SD/spatial model of cow herding. There are 20 cows in a 100 acre field who migrate up to 1 acre a day in search of greener pastures (more grass). In this simulation you can control the growth rate of the grass.

#13 - Carrying Capacity Learning Lab

by Billy Schoenberg - 30 runs

In this simulation you will learn all about carrying capacity.

#14 - Webinar Sim

by Billy Schoenberg - 52 runs

This is the simulation we built during our webinar on 8/23/2016

#15 - Predator Prey Dynamics

by Billy Schoenberg - 48 runs

This learning lab explores the dynamics of lotka voltera. We have two populations, one of hare and one of lynx. Using this model we can learn about oscillation

#16 - Population CLD

by Billy Schoenberg - 57 downloads

#17 - population model

by Billy Schoenberg - 55 downloads

#18 - example

by Billy Schoenberg - 53 downloads

#19 - Example

by Billy Schoenberg - 44 downloads

#20 - a

by Billy Schoenberg - 8 downloads

This model was copied from Sarah:

#21 - test

by Billy Schoenberg - 5 downloads

#22 - XXX

by Billy Schoenberg - 98 runs

#23 - coffee in class

by Billy Schoenberg - 19 runs

#24 - price war webinar

by Billy Schoenberg - 5 runs

#25 - Coffee 2

by Billy Schoenberg - 10 runs