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#1 - Crop Selection Dynamics

by Saeed Langarudi - 150 runs

This model replicates dynamics of crop selection in an agricultural system in which there are two groups of farmers: upstream and downstream. Upstream farmers have immediate access to surface water but downstream farmers can use surface water that is remaining after upstream use. Both groups of farmers grow two types of crops. Crop characteristics as well as other assumptions of the model could be changed by model users. Different scenarios for water availability are also available to the users.

#2 - Crop Choice Dynamics

by Saeed Langarudi - 34 runs

This model represents dynamics of crop selection decisions by two groups of farmers: upstream and downstream. These groups of farmers select crops based on several factors including market signals, crop characteristics, and quantity and quality of available irrigation water.

#3 - A Simple Example of System Dynamics Modeling

by Saeed Langarudi - 146 runs

This is a simple, working example of system dynamics model which was used as a supporting material in my seminar in "What is System Dynamics?" on Feb 24th at Water Resources Research Institute, New Mexico State University.

#4 - acequia

by Saeed Langarudi - 138 downloads

#5 - Test

by Saeed Langarudi - 3 runs