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#1 - Process with Complete Quality Control Feedback Mechanisms

by Anthony Dowidowicz - 55 downloads

This model depicts a process with exogenous inflows where the efficacy of the process descreases in proportion to time spent in the process. It is followed by a quality control mechanism with sensitivities and specificities which also decrease with time spent in the quality process. This bounded process and quality control is then checked against a gold standard which then adjusts as necessary in alignment with larger policy goals and feeds a larger data set. This model represents a realistic vision of what frontline quality control mechanisms should exist in the healthcare delivery system. It can be used as a tool for policy making to determine what acceptable rates of efficacy and outcome can be tolerated as quality based payments grow in popularity.

#2 - Market Growth Model (Morecroft 1983)

by Anthony Dowidowicz - 122 downloads

This is a model based on Morecrofts paper describing the phenomena of bounded rationality as it applies to decision making principles incorporated into models.

#3 - McKean Saas Adoption and Evolution Model 2.0

by Anthony Dowidowicz - 43 downloads

This represents a hybrid model based on the conversation from 27 August. It is drastically different than the 1.0 model since the industry is now better understood. Note that there would be several submodules for each segment (single unit owners, multi unit operators, etc)

#4 - McKean Saas Adoption and Evolution Model 3.0

by Anthony Dowidowicz - 81 downloads

This is the beginning of a working model

#5 - McKean Saas Model (Simplified)

by Anthony Dowidowicz - 46 downloads

This is a much simplified model that may be more in line with what you were expecting.