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#1 - Terrestrial Carbon Cycle

by Ashley McCloud - 308 downloads

The model is suppose to help, learn and investigate the flow of carbon between the atmosphere and land plants and soils through photosynthesis and respiration. The key questions we want to understand are: ● How does the plant fertilization feedback work? ● Are plants taking up a significant amount of the carbon humans are emitting? ● Can we solve the climate change problem by planting trees to take up our CO​2​?

#2 - Global Energy Balance and the Greenhouse Effect

by Ashley McCloud - 182 downloads

The flows of light energy toward and away from the Earth. Energy comes in from sunlight, but some of its reflected back away from Earth, depending on the planet's albedo. The rest is absorbed by the Earth's surface and stored there. The Earth's surface gives infrared blackbody radiation according to the Stefan-Boltzmann law. A balance is reached when the inflowing solar energy exactly equals the outflowing infrared energy.

#3 - Bacterial Growth

by Ashley McCloud - 79 downloads

Stimulating a colony of bacteria. We start off with just a few, but every once in a while, one of them divides in two, adding a new bacterium to the colony.

#4 - The Leaky Bucket

by Ashley McCloud - 80 downloads

For this model, we're going to assume that the outflow rate is proportional to the volume of water in the bucket multiplied by the size of the hole.