Michael L Deaton's Work

We found 11 items

#1 - NatGas staged modeling guidance

by Michael L Deaton - 288 runs

Adaptation and simplification of Naill's original Fossil2; for intro sys. dyn. course at JMU's Integrated Science and Technology Program

#2 - SEIR staged model guidance - ISAT290

by Michael L Deaton - 506 runs

Model building stages with benchmark performance at each stage

#3 - Simple Carbon Cycle

by Michael L Deaton - 16 runs

Simple carbon cycle model, adapted from InTeGrate unit on Carbon Cycle and Ocean Chemistry at https://serc.carleton.edu/integrate/teaching_materials/earth_modeling/unit9.html

#4 - Bathtub Dynamics

by Michael L Deaton - 12 runs

Simple bathtub simulator to illustrate stock and flow dynamics

#5 - Urban Dynamics Staged Model Guide

by Michael L Deaton - 146 runs

Simplified Urban Dynamics Model from Forrester

#6 - Predator-Prey Template & Tutorial

by Michael L Deaton - 54 runs

Predator-prey model from the SDLG (Deaton & MacDonald, 2018), with a storytelling template and tutorial for using graphical function inputs.

#7 - GORA Model Intro

by Michael L Deaton - 4 runs

Description of the structure of the GORA model, for ISAT 290, James Madison University

#8 - Overshoot Collapse Story

by Michael L Deaton - 55 runs

Example O/C model, with accompanying story (partially completed as a template for students)

#9 - Predator-Prey-Explore graphical functions

by Michael L Deaton - 402 runs

Same predator prey model, but with ability to explore different graphical functions relating deer density to predator behavior.

#10 - Kaibab Ecosystem Storytelling Template

by Michael L Deaton - 61 runs

Used for an in-class exercise

#11 - Kaibab Ecosystem Model-Building Template

by Michael L Deaton - 3 runs

Shows the interface for the running model and allows students to check their model against this one.