Paul Fisher's Work

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#1 - Extended Agrarian Society (from Dynamic Systems)

by Paul Fisher - 441 downloads

This model is an extension of the Simple Agrarian Society model from Dynamic Systems. The extensions are to add a CO2 cost to the industrialization, an impact of CO2 on global temperature, an impact of global temperature on drought frequency, and impact of drought on food production and an impact of global temperature on polar sea ice.

#2 - Integrated Population System

by Paul Fisher - 32 downloads

This model is a second extension of the Simple Agrarian model from Dynamic Systems that modifies the simple agrarian society model to include drought, industry produced CO2 and ice sheet dynamics. Primarily this is published as a test of porting from Stella 10.1 and learning how the new Stella Online operates. Several of the converter weights have been fine tuned to provide a better behaved model than the first adaptation. At some point a user interface and story will be added and the starting conditions calibrated to approximate treating Earth as an industrialized, agrarian society.

#3 - Climate Modeling: The Black Box

by Paul Fisher - 27 runs

This model provides a simulation of Earth's atmopsphere as a black box in thermodynamic equilibrium. Fundamentally this treats the earth as a single point black body radiator/absorber.