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#1 - SysQ

by Pontifex - 473 runs

An Introduction to SysQ is our free interactive resource for building and applying Systemic Intelligence (SysQ). By using this guide, practitioners of systems thinking and adaptive leadership will better understand why systemic intelligence is an essential leadership capacity and how to increase anyone's (or any team’s) ability to apply it. An Introduction to SysQ gives you rapid access to the full suite of systems thinking tools (including the SysQ Questions, trend graphs, archetypes, causal loop and stock & flow diagrams, and simulations) – including when and how to use each! And because the guide is browser based, it works on mobile devices! You can even embed it on your website. We believe you’ll find this resource so useful that you’ll decide it belongs in your browser’s favorite bookmarks! (Currently, it works best on Google applications and devices – Chrome and Android-based devices.)

#2 - Political Polarization

by Pontifex - 16 runs

Nations around the globe are seeing an increase in seemingly intractable polarization. This is generating more extremism, and in some cases, democracy eroding into authoritarianism. Why is this happening? In this learning lab, you'll explore an integrated a theory from Jennifer McCoy about the willingness to engage in bitter debate... with a theory from Cass Sunstein and Reid Hastie about the impact of information bubbles to create extremism. The lab points to at least one potential (though difficult) way to reverse these trends.

#3 - Power of Full Engagement

by Pontifex - 256 runs

This learning lab applies SysQ to understanding the theory of energy management described in the Power of Full Engagement.

#4 - SysQ for Business Process Improvement

by Pontifex - 83 runs

This learning lab demonstrates why the capacity to think systemically is essential when designing and improving processes.

#5 - US Dairy Industry Lab

by Pontifex - 112 runs

This learning lab is currently a proof of concept demonstrating the utility of using system dynamics to explore dairy industry policy.