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#1 - Fish Banks, Ltd.Game

by Saeed - 151 runs

In the Fish Banks, Ltd. game (originally developed as a board game by Professor Dennis L. Meadows in 1986), teams of players manage their own fishing companies. At the beginning of the game, each fishing company has equal financial resources and fishing fleet. Each company has the same operating costs and technology. At the beginning of every simulated year, the companies make decisions about building, buying, and/or selling ships, whether to fish or not, and how far to send their fleet for fishing. The game's objective is to maximize total assets at the end of the simulation. The game developed here is a modified version of the Meadows' game as explained in the game rules.

#2 - A Simple Water Model

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#3 - test

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#4 - Fishbanks

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#5 - Crop Selection Dynamocs

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