Shamim's Work

We found 8 items

#1 - Health Policy Management Flight Simulator

by Shamim - 1345 runs

This is a basic health policy simulator that allows the user a policy lever on where to prioritise health care spending.

#2 - retailco

by Shamim - 41 runs

This is a Retail Management Simulation. RetailCo has a Voluntary Trading Arrangement Model while its competitors have a business model based on Corporate owned stores.

#3 - hospital-management

by Shamim - 104 runs

This is a simple Learning Lab to explore the impact of capacity management on average length of stay in a hospital.

#4 - Retail and Corporate Stores

by Shamim - 80 runs

This is a learning lab that explores retail operations effectiveness and its impact on the number of profitable and corporate stores.

#5 - Cane Delivery Alignment

by Shamim - 56 runs

This model illustrates the impact of mismatched cane delivery to a mill and the knock-on effects from the farm

#6 - Trust Building

by Shamim - 32 runs

This simulation demonstrates how trust is built and eroded between interacting parties

#7 - Retail Operations

by Shamim - 118 runs

This learning lab explores the effect of retail operations effectiveness on the number of retail and corporate owned stores.

#8 - Basic Xenophobia Simulator

by Shamim - 20 runs

This model explores the Xenophobic Attackes in South Africa