Corne's Work

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#1 - Weight Loss Sim

by Corne - 1143 runs

This simulation gives the user the ability to specify their own current condition (weight, age, height etc.), choose their exercise regime and eating plans. The simulator then gives a projection for the user's weight for the next year (at a weekly resolution). Please take note that most of the pictures are navigation buttons to different screens, so remember to click on the pictures. I have personally used this simulator to successfully lose more than 20 kg. Hope you find this as valuable as I did. Good luck with your weight journey!

#2 - TestingModelCorne

by Corne - 158 downloads


#3 - Pokemon Go Sim

by Corne - 170 runs

This sim answers the question of how long will it take to reach maximum level

#4 - testing out online

by Corne - 38 downloads

#5 - Monod and System Dynamics

by Corne - 12 runs

An exploration of how SD can be used to replicate the Monod Equation