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#1 - Lactase Enzyme Simulation with Data Analysis

by Jon Darkow - 171873 runs

#2 - Photosynthesis Model

by Jon Darkow - 35714 runs

#3 - Population dynamics of white footed mouse

by Jon Darkow - 24472 runs

#4 - Evolution and Natural Selection

by Jon Darkow - 15865 runs

#5 - Cellular Respiration Accounting Model

by Jon Darkow - 6847 runs

The purpose of the model is to understand how glucose is metabolized, and how the energy stored in its chemical bonds is transfered.

#6 - Evolution of LAP Allele in Mussels

by Jon Darkow - 3730 runs

#7 - White-Eyed Genetics

by Jon Darkow - 3259 runs

White-eyed is an allele that results in a fly white eyes. Wild-type variants have red eyes. The goal of this simulation is to determine the pattern of inheritance for the white-eyed phenotype. Is yellow body dominant or recessive? Sex-linked or autosomal? Complete, incomplete, or codominant?

#8 - Water Potential and Osmosis

by Jon Darkow - 5860 runs

Factors that affect the flow across a semi-permeable membrane.

#9 - Apterous Genetics

by Jon Darkow - 7443 runs

Apterous is an allele that results in a fly without wings. Wild-type variants have normally functioning wings. The goal of this simulation is to determine the pattern of inheritance for the apterous phenotype. Is apterous dominant or recessive? Sex-linked or autosomal? Complete, incomplete, or codominant?

#10 - macrolab

by David Wheat - 2164 runs


#11 - Macromodel

by Pervin Dadashova - 1863 runs

Model for the public policy testing

#12 - Closed Loop

by Christopher Quick - 1730 runs

Mininimal closed-loop model of the cardiovascular system

#13 - Steady State in Freshwater Ecosystems

by Jon Darkow - 5652 runs

#14 - macrolab2017

by David Wheat - 2862 runs

#15 - Growth Factors, Cyclins, and Cancer

by Jon Darkow - 11443 runs

Explores the feedback loops that regulate the cell cycle. Model focuses on manipulating stimuli (growth factors), to stimulate the cell cycle feedback loops.

#16 - HPV and Adaptive Immune Response

by Jon Darkow - 1098 runs

#17 - Evolution

by Jon Darkow - 1238 runs

Evolution of Populations: Genetic Drift, Natural Selection, and Mutations

#18 - Pulmonary Edema

by Christopher Quick - 1106 runs

This model predicts collection of fluid in the lungs.

#19 - Lactase with Variable Sample Sizes

by Jon Darkow - 9288 runs

Arrayed Lactase Model

#20 - zFourth Position - don't move

by Automated Tests - 988 runs

#21 - Limits to Growth Archetype

by John Hayward - 636 runs - 43 downloads
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Shifting loop dominance in a limits-to-growth archetype is examined using the Hayward/Boswell Loop Impact Method.

#22 - Extinction Vortex

by Jon Darkow - 1151 runs

#23 - Campus sexual assault

by Peter Hovmand - 621 runs - 13 downloads
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A very simple, one stock, simulation of campus sexist attitudes toward rape and initimate partner violence. The model was originally developed in 1998 and later translated into Stella. The model has a number of modeling errors, but at the time, proved useful for gaining insight into the dynamics of the system and developing an innovative prevention program.

#24 - Stella Architect B.M. Sample

by Armando Izquierdo - 277 runs - 3 downloads
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Este modelo es un primer intento de utilizar el "Business Canvas" desarrollado por Alexander Osterwalder e Yves Pigneur, para explicar su carácter sistémico mediante la simulación de un modelo de negocio genérico utilizando Stella Architect. El objetivo principal es mostrar el vínculo entre los conceptos del pensamiento sistémico y la práctica del "Systems Dynamics" con el ampliamente difundido "Business Canvas". En la narrativa utilizada para describir la construcción del diagrama "Stock & Flow", se denomina entre parentesis el tipo de componente (Stock, Flow, Converter, o Conector) correspondiente a los principales elementos del modelo de negocio. La simulación permite visualizar la naturaleza sistémica de un modelo de negocio representado mediante el "Business Canvas".

#25 - Recombination and Gene Linkage

by Jon Darkow - 2272 runs

#26 - The Laundry Detergent Game

by Billy Schoenberg - 268 runs - 17 downloads
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Congratulations! You've just been hired by the major grocery chain The Price Shopper as head of marketing. Your job is to turn around The Price Shopper's dismal sales of laundry detergent. The big-wigs have given you 12 months and a marketing budget of up to $10,000 per month to spend as you please. They'll decide to keep you, or send you to the cleaners based on how much profit you bring in over the year. Do you think you can make the big MONEY?

#27 - mse-litsim

by Lorenzo Andrade - 633 runs

Modelo de Simulación de Escenarios MSE-LITSIM

#28 - Zombie Apocalypse

by isee systems - 1550 runs

This is our first model in the From Imagination to Simulation series. It is a nod to the Halloween season and investigates a zombie apocalypse! Our fascination with zombies continually grows with the help of movies, TV shows, and books that give a wide range of zombie possibilities. But what are the dynamics behind a zombie epidemic? This model will specifically look at the spread of a zombie outbreak and examine some of the variables that help and hinder the rate of infection. We hope you will continue to see the benefits and versatility of Systems Thinking and enjoy our new series, From Imagination to Simulation! Continue to ponder those out-of-the-ordinary problems. They may seem unrealistic, but perhaps some of their dynamics may resonate with reality. Check out our zombie apocalypse model to see if there is any chance for human survival!

#29 - Transformation Simulation

by Jon Darkow - 1071 runs

Simulation allows students to test the transformation principle. Two major goals of the experiment are: 1. Allow users to see that supernatant from heat-killed bacteria can transform the genes of another bacterium. 2. What transforms the inheritance of the bacteria is DNA, not RNA or proteins.

#30 - Turchin’s Metaethnic Frontier Theory of Imperial Growth

by John Hayward - 166 runs - 29 downloads
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A country builds its empire by attacking its neighbours and taking over both their land and their people. The larger the empire becomes, the more resources they have available to take further territory by force. However the further they expand, the harder they find it to keep expanding due to the geographical and organisational logistics involved. Additionally the empire finds it harder to maintain social cooperation among its people, its asabiya.

#31 - Dynaville

by Valerie Gacogne - 438 runs

Dynaville simule l'évolution des habitants d'un territoire à un horizon de 10 ans (ménages, déplacements...), selon différents scénarios de logements, d'emplois et d'évolution de son attractivité.

#32 - Supply and demand model

by Yaroslav Vorobiov - 281 runs - 56 downloads
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Supply and demand model

#33 - Phenology of the Karner Blue Butterfly

by Jon Darkow - 255 runs

Karner Blue butterfly is an endangered species. Habitat loss and climate change are contributing factors to the reduction in the butterflies' population sizes. Climate change can alter the timing of lifecycles. When climate change disproportionally affects the timing of life cycles of species in an ecosystem asynchrony within a food web occurs.

#35 - Inventory Workforce Model

by John Hayward - 209 runs - 37 downloads
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Oscillations in an Inventory Workforce model are examined using the Hayward/Boswell Loop Impact Method.

#36 - Salmon Simulator

by James Pratt - 492 runs

Simulation of salmon populations with harvesting using the Tucannon River (WA) as an example. Simulation accompanies the text Modeling the Environment, 2nd ed. by Andrew Ford. Used with permission.

#37 - Le budget de la ville de Quimper

by Valerie Gacogne - 618 runs

#38 - Vacation

by isee systems - 964 runs

Do you ever feel like work is taking over your life? Burnout is generally characterized as a state of mental and physical exhaustion resulting in low productivity and de-personalization and is most likely caused by prolonged stress that does not dissipate. There are many different aspects that affect both the building and dissipation of burnout. This model focuses on workloads and vacations to see how they contribute to both your level of burnout and productivity. Use this model to ask questions about your workload and any benefits you would receive from taking a vacation. What happens when you suddenly have a bigger workload? What happens when work piles up? Does vacation increase or decrease your stress levels?

#39 - Weight Loss Sim

by Corne - 562 runs

This simulation gives the user the ability to specify their own current condition (weight, age, height etc.), choose their exercise regime and eating plans. The simulator then gives a projection for the user's weight for the next year (at a weekly resolution). Please take note that most of the pictures are navigation buttons to different screens, so remember to click on the pictures. I have personally used this simulator to successfully lose more than 20 kg. Hope you find this as valuable as I did. Good luck with your weight journey!

#40 - Feebates

by James Pratt - 512 runs

Model of fees and rebates for air pollution control based on differing vehicle types. Model orginally developed by Andrew Ford to accompany Modeling the Environment, 2nd Ed., Island Press (2010) . Used with permission.

#41 - Emergency Room

by Billy Schoenberg - 175 runs

This simulation shows the basic dynamics of a hospital emergency room. Patients arrive, are treated and leave. You are able to control the average arrivial rate and average treatment time. This simulation was made using the 3rd party developer API embedded within Stella Architect.

#42 - Product Development Simulator

by Billy Schoenberg - 360 runs

The Bass Model or Bass Diffusion Model was developed by Frank Bass and it consists of a simple differential equation that describes the process of how new products get adopted in a population. The model presents a rationale of how current adopters and potential adopters of a new product interact.

#43 - College Loans

by isee systems - 2569 runs

Each year, the cost of a college education continues to rise and more and more students must turn to student loans to complete their education. But as graduates leave college to embark on their careers, they face an almost Sisyphean struggle with student debt, forever facing an uphill battle while carrying a heavy burden, only to find they are getting nowhere! Whether you are graduating from college or just entering, we hope this model will enable you to better understand student loans and help plan for your future.

#44 - Collins Theory of Geopolitics - Effect of War

by John Hayward - 155 runs - 14 downloads
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The spread of an empire according to the theory of Randall Collins and equations of Peter Turchin

#45 - MNH Strategic Model

by Peter Hovmand - 567 runs

Strategic model of country-level policies to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality.

#46 - Limited Enthusiasm Model of Church Growth

by John Hayward - 128 runs - 12 downloads
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A model of the growth of the Christian Church in periods of religious revival. The growth mechanism is similar to the spread of an infectious disease.

#47 - DaisyWorld

by James Pratt - 346 runs

Game model of Daisyworld. Model orginally developed by Andrew Ford to accompany Modeling the Environment, 2nd Ed., Island Press (2010) . Used with permission.

#48 - SDGs Interactions, v2

by Dave Zelinka - 38 runs
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This is the second version of the simulation that analyzes the interactions among the six Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are the focus of the Second Annual Multi-stakeholder Forum on Science, Technology, and Innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals (STI Forum). The interface can be used to understand the trade-off due to the complex interplay among the set of six SDGs

#49 - Diffusion of a Spherical Cell

by Jon Darkow - 995 runs

Why are cells small? This model allows users to see how the size of a sphere affects the rate of diffusion.

#50 - Demographic Fiscal Model of State

by John Hayward - 16 runs - 2 downloads
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An agrarian population can exceed its normal carrying capacity by the formation of a state that helps improve land productivity. As the population and state grow, it becomes harder for state revenue to stay ahead of expenditure. Eventually the state runs out of money and collapses, with a large drop in population numbers.

#51 - Crop Selection Dynamics

by Saeed Langarudi - 70 runs

This model replicates dynamics of crop selection in an agricultural system in which there are two groups of farmers: upstream and downstream. Upstream farmers have immediate access to surface water but downstream farmers can use surface water that is remaining after upstream use. Both groups of farmers grow two types of crops. Crop characteristics as well as other assumptions of the model could be changed by model users. Different scenarios for water availability are also available to the users.

#52 - General Practice Advanced skill simulator

by Whole Systems Partnership - 238 runs

A model to explore changing roles within the advanced skilled workforce for General Practice in the UK.

#53 - Health Policy Management Flight Simulator

by Shamim - 1076 runs

This is a basic health policy simulator that allows the user a policy lever on where to prioritise health care spending.

#54 - Marketing and Customer Segmentation

by Billy Schoenberg - 40 runs

In this game you play the part of Dunkin Donuts in an established market of 1,000,000 coffee drinkers. This market is controlled only by Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks, there is no other competition. The market is segmented into 4 sub-groups: Heavy Regular, Heavy Espresso Base, Occasional Regular Occasional Espresso Base. The occasional coffee drinkers normally order a pastry (donut, cake, etc.) with their coffee more often than the the heavy coffee drinkers, but on an individual by individual basis the heavy coffee drinkers are buying more donuts each month than the occasional coffee drinkers. For this game you are concerned with selling 3 products: Regular Coffee, Espresso Base Coffee, Pastry (donuts, cakes, etc.) For each product you sell you have control over the following decisions: Process Improvement Spending, Taste Improvement Spending, Marketing, Price. Finally you can then also choose to open new stores or close existing stores.

#55 - Chablis Game

by didier13 - 33 runs

Il s'agit d'un "serious game" pédagogique appliqué à l'optimisation d'une chaine logistique. Cette simulation est dérivée du "Beer Game", jeu célèbre développé par le MIT (USA). Cet outil simule l'optimisation d'une chaine logistique constituée de 3 acteurs : un producteur de vin, un grossiste et un détaillant. Des fonctionnalités ont été ajoutées. Le contexte est celui du "Chablis" vin blanc célèbre de la Bourgogne. Développement : Didier Cuménal, enseignant-chercheur. Mail : Version béta 0.95 du 14 septembre 2017.

#56 - Salmon Hypoxia Modeling Lab

by Ryan Bellmore - 279 runs

This model simulates the influence of spawning salmon on dissolved oxygen in southeast Alaskan Rivers.

#57 - Human Ecological Systems (HES)

by Peter Hovmand - 100 runs

The purpose of this model is to (1) demonstrate a way to represent human development that includes individual resources, social networks, and spatial relationships within a single model of a formal feedback theory of development, (2) provide an approach to theory development that begins with a simple model and gradually includes more complex facets of social reality (e.g., social networks, location), and (3) illustrate its application to formally testing and comparing a theory over a wider range of assumptions that can inform the design of data collection and analysis to more accurately reflect the dynamics of human development and outcomes. The approach has a wide range of possible applications in theory development and community intervention design, research, and evaluation. Examples include school-based and community based positive youth development interventions, drug use/addiction and treatment in rural settings, community responses to domestic violence, neighborhood effects and interventions, homelessness, supports for ex-offenders released from prison or jail, and health inequities. Version 1.0 focuses on mainly working out a simple example of interactions between social networks and spatial relationships. The model (right) represents a formal theory of how people will move to be close to their nearest friend. Since friends are determined by a social network where people have different sets of friends, and people are in different locations, movement will depend on an interaction between each individual’s social network, the location of their friends, the distance to their friends, and identifying their nearest friend and comparing one’s present location to the location of one’s nearest friend. The model implements this with a random social network for 100 individuals randomly distributed in 100m by 100m coordinate space.

#58 - Collins Theory of Geopolitics - Logistical Load

by John Hayward - 39 runs - 12 downloads
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The spread of an empire according to the theory of Randall Collins and equations of Peter Turchin. Includes limits to growth due the distance beween the empire's expansion zone and centre.

#59 - Headcount Strategy

by isee systems - 140 runs

Explore a consulting firm’s headcount strategy. Understand the relationship between growth rates, promotion times, headcount pyramid ratios, and attrition rates. This model is based on actual work that was done with a very well-known consulting company (here, code-named TWBC, Inc.). The firm's strategic goals were well-articulated, and each made sense when written down in a list on a piece of paper. However, when subjected to the more rigorous, dynamic scrutiny that an iThink modeling effort provides, the goals (as is too often the case) turned out to be in conflict with one another--stimulating actions that worked at cross-purposes. Efforts to achieve one goal drove the firm farther away from achieving the others. The subsequent analysis conducted with the model also pointed the way toward resolving the internal strategic inconsistencies and putting the firm back onto a strategically sound growth path.

#60 - Urban Business Expansion

by John Hayward - 63 runs - 15 downloads
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The business sector of the Three Stock Urban Dynamics model is examined using the Hayward/Boswell Loop Impact Method.

#61 - Dynamic Modelling of Lionfish Invasion in the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean

by Gian Wieck - 143 runs

The dynamic model shall explain the rapid diffusion of the lionfish - an invasive species - throughout the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The interface contains two explanatory models - a simple diffusion model and more realistic convection model - as well as a policy game to manage the regional countermeasures of local decision makers.

#62 - Agent Based SD

by Billy Schoenberg - 59 runs

With this model I model the physical locations of all individuals in real space. (X,Y location). Individuals move randomly each day so that they mix. Based on an individuals location relative to each other individuals there is a chance for a person to communicate the infection to another person. To determine if the infection is communicated we draw a random number. If the number is equal to or less then the chance of infection if the other person is the carrier then the person P contracts the infection and can then spread it through the population. What is superior about this model is that we can now EASILY model the attributes of any individuals as a stock arrayed by Individuals and the interaction of people with others as arrayed variables by Individual, Individual. For instance if we wanted to model the time that an individual has had a disease we can do that by creating a stock called time_infected and have an inflow of 1 for each day that an individual is in the infected state.

#63 - Dairy value chain development in Nicaragua

by Helene Lie - 61 runs - 1 download

Dairy farmers in Matiguás, Nicaragua face feed system constraints that reduce their competitiveness. Conventional value chain analysis methods are unsuited to prioritize upgrading options. System dynamics modeling of the Matiguás dairy value chain was therefore used to quantify and analyse policy impacts. The model was constructed and tested with stakeholders in the Matiguás dairy value chain through group model building.

#64 - Neurophysiology and Neurotoxicity

by Jon Darkow - 450 runs

The main dependent variable measured in the model is the membrane potential (millivolts) of a motor neuron and the muscle fiber it innervates. You will be able to add excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters, and compare how neurotransmitters modulate the electrical impulses of the motor neuron and the muscle fiber. Additionally, you will be able to compare the effects of four neurotoxins: Tetrodotoxin, botulinum toxin, sarin nerve gas, and VX. While extremely lethal, these toxins are very instructive in understanding neurons because of the specific way the toxins act. Each toxin modifies or inhibits a specific molecule in neurons that help process and transmit information.

#65 - Wolves and Trees

by isee systems - 3 runs

Keystone species are defined as a plant or animal that plays a unique role in the way the ecosystem functions. But what would happen if that species were removed? What ripple effects would be caused by the absence of this species? We can examine these questions by looking at the wolf population in Yellowstone National Park. Wolves once flourished in Yellowstone and its surrounding areas. However, soon after the area was settled, misperceptions caused by fear and hatred fueled a large extermination effort of the wolves. For nearly 70 years, wolves were absent from Yellowstone. During this time, the ecosystem changed and diminished until scientists realized the value of the wolves and reintroduced them to Yellowstone. This model, built in iThink, uses storytelling to understand the dynamics of this keystone species. What animals were affected by their presence or absence. See how wolves play a part in not only population control of their prey but other animals and even plants far down the trophic levels.

#66 - Understanding Restrictive and Nonrestrictive Hepatic Clearance

by Sara Rosenbaum - 328 runs

Many drugs are removed from the body by metabolism in the liver. A drug's hepatic clearance is a measure of the liver's ability to metabolize a drug. This simulation demonstrates the characteristics of high extraction (nonrestrictive clearance, low extraction (restrictive clearance and intermediate clearance.

#67 - SCREI (Simulating Cod Recruitment under Environmental Influences)

by Stefan Koenigstein - 18 runs

This simulation is based on the SCREI model, simulating early recruitment of the Barents Sea cod stock under ocean warming and acidification. The model is based on experimentally quantified data and calibrated to empirical cod egg production, 0-group abundance and ecological data. It allows the exploration of different climate change driver trajectories and adaptaion scenarios.

#68 - Humanitarian Aid

by isee systems - 234 runs

A look at disaster relief under uncertain local government scenarios. It looks at how long it might take to establish clean water thru flying in bottled water and constructing wells. There is also the impact on spread of disease and survival due to lack of water. Created by Mark Heffernan and George McDonnel

#69 - Mammoth Game

by Johanna Lockhart - 60 downloads

Extinction of Mammoths

#70 - Spread of Disease

by John Hayward - 47 runs - 22 downloads
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A simple SIR model is examined using the Hayward/Boswell Loop Impact Method.

#71 - MacroLab7

by David Wheat - 386 runs

#72 - Abastecimento de Água

by Mariana Lago - 128 downloads

Demanda de água gera novos investimentos em infraestrutura de abastecimento

#73 - Logistic Growth Model and the Butterfly Effect

by Jon Darkow - 248 runs

Model allows users to test the starting population size (N), the carrying capacity of the population (K), and the intrinsic rate of growth (r max). Iterations are discrete, not continuous.

#74 - Educational Outcomes

by Emily Brzozowski - 85 downloads

Educational outcomes in relation to resource allocation

#75 - my new model

by Lavigne - 59 downloads

This model was copied from Emily Brzozowski: Educational outcomes in relation to resource allocation

#76 - Supply Chain-Collection Center of Tomato

by ernesto lagarda - 18 downloads

The model was developed in a company of the Agri-food sector and considers the distribution link in the collection center of the Tomato Roma product for export to Rio Rico AZ, in 2017 by students of the Technological Institute of Sonora of the Department of Industrial Engineering.

#77 - Urban Stream Rainfall

by Samuel Austin - 274 runs

A simple example of streamflow response to rainfall and basin percent urban area.

#78 - The Dynastic Cycle

by John Hayward - 110 runs - 11 downloads
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The model of Feichtinger, Forst and Piccardi.

#79 - Shane Goodwin - Carbon Levels

by Shane Goodwin - 20 downloads

I'm doing this because I want to. Not because Deke told me to.

#80 - Test LSystem

by Bernt Saxin - 377 runs


#81 - Model 2. Drug Transporters

by Sara Rosenbaum - 6134 runs

This simulation shows the location and functioning of the major clinically important drug transporters in the : gastrointestinal membrane; renal tubular membrane; and the membranes of the hepatocyte. Simulations demonstrate their functioning after oral and intravenous doses of a drug substrate

#82 - FIT Success or Failure

by FIT Success or Failure - 177 runs

Three key events that affect a young military members financial well being

#83 - Leg VS Asprin

by Abbey McDonald - 33 downloads

#84 - Lactose Operon: An Inducible System

by Jon Darkow - 6331 runs

In this simulation users explore the negative feedback system of the Lactose Operon found in bacteria. Lactose induces the system by inhibiting and inhibitor.

#85 - Information Processing and Neurophysiology Model

by Jon Darkow - 16407 runs

The main dependent variable measured in the model is the membrane potential (millivolts) of two different neurons in a series. You will be able to add excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters, and compare how these modulate electrical impulses of the two neurons. Additionally, you will be able to compare the effects of three neurotoxins: Tetrodotoxin, botulinum toxin, and sarin nerve gas. While extremely lethal, these toxins are very instructive in understanding neurons because of the specific way the toxins act. Each toxin modifies or inhibits a specific molecule in neurons that help process and transmit information.

#86 - Business Model Stella Canvas

by Armando Izquierdo - 27 runs - 1 download
Download Model Play

A sample of how Stella Architect can be used to simulate and create an interface using as reference the Business Model Canvas developed by Osterwalder & Pigneur

#87 - Nonlinear Pharmacokinetics and Phenytoin

by Sara Rosenbaum - 1141 runs

Nonlinear or capacity limited pharmacokinetics can occur whenever a process involved in the absorption, distribution or elimination of a drug becomes saturated. This model demonstrates nonlinear elimination (metabolism) using phenytoin as the model drug. Specifically, it demonstrates how increasing doses of the drug produce disproportionate increases in the plasma concentration. It also demonstrates how the model parameters, Km and Vmax influence of the plasma concentration -time profile.

#88 - Consumo de agua

by esteban - 40 downloads

Este modelo es sobre cuanto nos demoramos en la ducha y cuanto estamos gastando por dia.

#89 - Diagrama causal innovacion

by Randiel - 10 downloads

diagrama para representar el ciclo de innovacion

#90 - Factors affecting the rate of evaporation of water

by Anne Wong - 93 downloads

To investigate how rate of evaporation of water is affected by different factors

#91 - Model 34. Fentanyl Induced Respiratory Depression and its Reversal With Naloxone

by Sara Rosenbaum - 138 runs

This models demonstrates the varying degrees of respiratory depression caused by fentanyl and its reversal by naloxone. It also demonstrates that the action of naloxone is short lived and that additional doses may be needed

#92 - Irreversible Drug Effects - Proton Pump Inhibitors

by Sara Rosenbaum - 79 runs

Some drugs act by binding covalently to their receptors. As a result, the target is destroyed and its function returns only when it has been replaced by newly synthesized product. The target may be a protein, DNA, an enzyme, or a cell at any stage of development. This model has been applied to the action of the proton pump inhibitors, which bind to and destroy the H+,K+-ATPase pumps in the parietal cells of the gastric mucosa. Normal proton secretion is restored only when the pumps are replaced by newly synthesized functioning pumps (i.e., the usual turnover time of the system).

#93 - Lav kraftforpris

by Culti Visus - 64 downloads

lav kraftforpris

#94 - STELLA water model

by Armelita - 65 downloads

#95 - Price War 2

by Billy Schoenberg - 13 runs

Second iteration of price war multiplayer game for ISDC 2017. Two players are required a third is optional. Each player is competing to control the market. They sell perfect substitutes with equal production costs. Your only choice is what price you sell your product at

#96 - Crop Choice Dynamics

by Saeed Langarudi - 9 runs

This model represents dynamics of crop selection decisions by two groups of farmers: upstream and downstream. These groups of farmers select crops based on several factors including market signals, crop characteristics, and quantity and quality of available irrigation water.

#97 - simpleMP

by David Wheat - 350 runs

#98 - leidy Montaño

by Leidy Natalia - 7 downloads

estructuras de edades

m a t h i a s

#99 - Aquatic Trophic Productivity Model

by Ryan Bellmore - 209 runs

The ATP model is a dynamic food web simulation model.

#100 - Medical Resident VS Patients

by Abbey McDonald - 32 downloads

Who will win? The not yet doctor, or the street duo who needs medicine but in a controlled fashion? Who will go home in this TITLE FIGHT? Who will stay in the hospital

#101 - Indirect Effect Model 3

by Sara Rosenbaum - 28 runs

Some drugs do not directly produce the measured drug response. Instead they act upstream, and either increase or decrease the amount of the entity that directly mediates the response (response variable). Indirect effect Model III can be used for drugs that stimulate the production of the response variable. As a result they increase the amount of the response variable.

#102 - Indirect Effect Model 4

by Sara Rosenbaum - 8 runs

Some drugs do not directly produce the measured drug response. Instead they act upstream, and either increase or decrease the amount of the entity that directly mediates the response (response variable). Indirect effect Model IV can be used for drugs that stimulate the degradation of the response variable. As a result they decrease the amount of the response variable.

#103 - Multiple Oral Doses Pharmacokinetics

by Sara Rosenbaum - 214 runs

Most commonly people take oral doses of a drug over an extended period. This model demonstrates the unique plasma concentration profile associated with this type of drug administration. The model assumes first-order drug absorption with no lag time. Simulations can be carried out to observe how the rate and extent of absorption (bioavailability) affect the profile.

#104 - Urbanseed light demo

by Valerie Gacogne - 135 runs

Cette version légère de démonstration d'Urbanseed s'applique à l'aménagement de nouveaux quartiers. Combien d'habitants une emprise peut-elle accueillir? Quels équipements scolaires prévoir?

#105 - Supply Chain: Logistic Service Gas Station

by ernesto lagarda - 8 downloads

This model was developed by Ernesto Vega and Ernesto Lagarda in 2017 for a Company AGM in Sonora Mexico

#106 - Multiple Intermittent Infusions Pharmacokinetics

by Sara Rosenbaum - 66 runs

The model shows the unique plasma concentration-time profile associated with the administration of a drug using multiple short infusions. It demonstrates the influence of the duration of the infusion and allows the user to practice the calculation of a suitable dose and dosing interval to achieve desired peak and trough plasma concentrations of a drug.

#107 - Rocket Model

by Christopher DiCarlo - 89 downloads

Rocket Model with Wind Resistance

#108 - Population

by Billy Schoenberg - 35 downloads

Sample population model with graph

#109 - A Simple Example of System Dynamics Modeling

by Saeed Langarudi - 71 runs

This is a simple, working example of system dynamics model which was used as a supporting material in my seminar in "What is System Dynamics?" on Feb 24th at Water Resources Research Institute, New Mexico State University.

#110 - Mulitple Bolus Injections Pharmacokinetics

by Sara Rosenbaum - 256 runs

This model shows the typical plasma concentration profile associated with the administration of several doses of a drug over time. It demonstrates the determinants of the fluctuation in the plasma concentrations, the accumulation of the drug over the course of therapy and the resting steady state plasma concentrations.

#111 - Rise and Fall of Empires

by John Hayward - 10 runs

Empires rise through the desire for things such as power, peace & wealth. It can even attract others. However the rise of nationalism, institutionalism and the remoteness of the ruling elite can lead to imperial decline

#112 - Evolution: Grants Finches

by Jon Darkow - 174 runs

Models the effects on population sizes of ground finches with different beak sizes in response to different amounts of annual precipitation.

#113 - Overshoot and Collapse

by John Hayward - 15 runs - 18 downloads
Download Model Play

Overshoot and collapse behaviour is examined using the Hayward/Boswell Loop Impact Method.


by Laetitia Willocquet - 54 runs - 1 download
Download Model Play

RICEPEST is an agrophysiological model for rice which simulates the effects of diseases and pests on crop growth and yield, through damage mechanisms.

#115 - Put Trust In Your Models

by Whole Systems Partnership - 58 runs

Putting trust in your model is a simple demonstration of the importance of the human dimension to system change. By thinking about trust as something that impacts on human behaviours this model shows how investment in such factors can be better for the patient and for finances.

#116 - Model 20. DDI Drug-Drug Interactions - Pharmacodynamic

by Sara Rosenbaum - 12 runs

This model demonstrates the interaction between two agonists. The pharmacodynamic characteristics of the perpetrator drug can be changed to create a full agonist, a partial agonist and a full antagonist

#117 - Model 17. DDI 5 Inhibition of Gut and Hepatic Metabolism

by Sara Rosenbaum - 6 runs

This model demonstrates the effect of an inhibiotr that acts on enzymes both the gastrointestinal membrane and the liver. It also demonstrates the effect of grapefruit juice on drugs netaboliized by CYP3A

#118 - Urgent Care Hub Workforce Simulator

by Whole Systems Partnership - 146 runs

#119 - Model 27. Hematological Toxicity of Anticancer Drugs

by Sara Rosenbaum - 21 runs

This model shows the typical effect of several anticancer drugs on the number of circulating neutrophils. The drugs destroy neutrophils as they develop in the bone marrow, and its takes several days for their action to affect the circulating neutrophils. The model demonstrates how inter-individual variability in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics can effect the magnitude and duration of this response.

#120 - Transit Compartment of Drug Action

by Sara Rosenbaum - 57 runs

Change image Submit your own comment on the simulation. Share Comment upgrade hosting plan delete simulation Transit Compartment Model of Drug Response By Sara Rosenbaum Sim URL: Sim access:Other authors can download source model Sim plan: Simulate Free Sim stats:This sim has been run 326 times. This simulation was uploaded to Forio Simulate with the isee NetSim software. More information can be found at Your Rating: 1 star2 star3 star4 star5 star Average Rating: rating(1) Click here to edit the description A delay in response to a drug can occur when it takes a long time for the drug’s initial effect to be translated into the final response (a long transduction process). The delayed response profile can be captured using a series of transit compartments.


by Serge Savary - 38 runs - 5 downloads
Download Model Play

EPIDEMRES is a generic epidemiological model which simulates plant disease epidemic development over time and accounts for host growth and accounts for quantitative host plant resistance

#122 - aquarium nitrogen

by Mark Kamakea - 12 downloads

nitrogen in solution in an aquarium

#123 - The Console Wars

by Maximilian Happach - 10 runs

This is the first interface I built. It is the result of a one week seminar on Stella Architect taught by Billy Schoenberg in Bergen in 2016. We spent 2 days on an introduction into Stella Architect.

#124 - Population-resource

by Anne LaVigne - 95 runs - 12 downloads
Download Model Play

A basic population/resource model

#125 - Tolerance- Precursor Pool Model

by Sara Rosenbaum - 28 runs

Tolerance may be defined as a process that results in a reduction in the response to a specific drug concentration following repeated drug exposure. Tolerance could occur if an endogenous compound that plays an essential role in the response chain becomes depleted during response. This model assumes the drug stimulates the production of a response variable which becomes then becomes depleted.

#126 - interface-tutorial-start

by documentation - 174 downloads
Download Model

Starting model for interface building tutorial.

#127 - Testroar

by Roar Kristiansen - 19 downloads

Dette er en test

#128 - Agua virtudes

by Laura - 64 downloads

Gasto de egua en 10 dias

#129 - d

by Dawoon113 - 35 downloads

This model was copied from Christopher DiCarlo: Rocket Model with Wind Resistance

#130 - Emergency Room (using Animation Object)

by Billy Schoenberg - 11 runs

This simulation shows the basic dynamics of a hospital emergency room. Patients arrive, are treated and leave. You are able to control the average arrivial rate and average treatment time. This simulation was made using the Animation Object within Stella Architect.

#131 - Sigmoidal Emax Model of Drug Response

by Sara Rosenbaum - 213 runs

This is the model that is most commonly used to for the time course of drug effects in man. It assumes that the response is driven by the blood or plasma concentrations of the drug. When the model parameters are known, it can be used to predict response at anytime time after any dose.

#132 - SCM

by Bernardo Paixao - 65 downloads

Solar Cooker

#133 - Take the Infusion Challenge

by Sara Rosenbaum - 88 runs

Use this model to see if you can use a drug's pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties to determine the initial rate of drug administration. See if you can identify potential drug-drug interactions and respond when appropriate by making appropriate modifications to the dose.

#134 - Console Wars

by Billy Schoenberg - 11 runs

In this game you play the part of Nintendo where you have to make investments into your console product portfolio and decide when to ship the Nintendo Switch

#135 - Caribou Road Crossing Behaviour

by Rob Rempel - 179 runs - 1 download
Download Model Play

Simulation of factors affecting fear of crossing and risk of death due to roads


by Laetitia Willocquet - 81 runs - 4 downloads
Download Model Play

GENEPEST is a generic agrophysiological model which simulates the effects of diseases and pests on crop growth and yield, through damage mechanisms

#137 - Price War

by Billy Schoenberg - 36 runs

First iteration of price war multiplayer game. Two players are required a third is optional. Each player is competing to control the market. They sell perfect substitutes with equal production costs. Your only choice is what price you sell your product at

#138 - Indirect Effect Model 1

by Sara Rosenbaum - 117 runs

Some drugs do not directly produce the measured drug response. Instead they act upstream, and either increase or decrease the amount of the entity that directly mediates the response (response variable). Indirect effect Model I can be used for drugs that inhibit the synthesis of the response variable. An example is warfarin which inhibits the synthesis of clotting factors.

#139 - Addition Circuit

by Devin - 9 downloads

Simple Full-Adder

#140 - Model 13. DDI 1 Time Dependent Enzyme Inhibition

by Sara Rosenbaum - 67 runs

This simulation demonstrates the properties of time dependent enzyme inhibition. Specifically it shows how the inhibitor’s KI and kinact and the derived parameter kobs, control inhibition. It also demonstrates how the enzyme’s degradation rate constant controls recovery.

#141 - pescarbc

by Lorenzo Andrade - 91 runs

Este es un modelo demostrativo de simulación de escenarios en que es posible indagar como se puede compatibilizar tanto la sustentabilidad del recurso pesquero como la maximización de los beneficios económicos por parte de los pescadores.

#142 - Fatigue_at_work

by Victor Celestino - 52 downloads

Meta model of fatigue at work

#143 - EarthEnergy

by Jill Marie Derwin - 16 downloads

#144 - Immigration demographics

by Matej Vanek - 22 downloads

Student project on Modelling and Simulation, Faculty of Incormatics, Masaryk University

#145 - Mental Health System Reform South Devon Torbay

by Daniel Ellis - 10 runs

A draft model with mock data of the South Devon and Torbay adult mental health system. Contains an interface to demonstrate how models work and show the potential of local strategies for improving the system. Both their intuitive effects and counter intuitive effects.

#146 - Cow Grazing Dynamics

by Billy Schoenberg - 15 runs

This model is a agent based/SD/spatial model of cow herding. There are 20 cows in a 100 acre field who migrate up to 1 acre a day in search of greener pastures (more grass). In this simulation you can control the growth rate of the grass.

#147 - Indirect Effect Model 2

by Sara Rosenbaum - 7 runs

Some drugs do not directly produce the measured drug response. Instead they act upstream, and either increase or decrease the amount of the entity that directly mediates the response (response variable). Indirect effect Model 2 can be used for drugs that inhibit the degradation of the response variable. As a result they increase the amount of the response variable.

#148 - Sediment Motion In Streams And Rivers

by Samuel Austin - 67 runs

An illustration of bed sediment motion in streams and rivers using equations developed by Shields and Strickler.

#149 - Projet Adesict

by Valerie Gacogne - 80 runs

Ce modèle simule l’application du Décret 2011-1336 par les prestataires de transport de fret; l'affichage des émissions CO2 est obligatoire depuis 2013 en France.

#151 - System Dynamics of Carbon Budget

by Jon Darkow - 226 runs

Simulation of the system dynamics of the global carbon dioxide budget based on the work on systems dynamics based on John Sternman (MIT) and Krytyna Stave (University of Nebraska)

#152 - Estimating Fluid Flow Using Darcys Law

by Samuel Austin - 52 runs

A simple model using Darcy's law to estimate fluid flow through porous material over a fixed distance.

#153 - SCM

by Oliver Cox - 56 downloads

Solar Cooker

#154 - Ocean Acidification

by Chris - 51 downloads

Ocean Acidification

#155 - iFoReST

by IORA Ecological Solutions - 76 runs

India’s Forest Resource Decision Support Tool (iFoReST) scientifically guides investments aimed at addressing unsustainable extraction of fuelwood from forests. It does so by converging on-ground data with computer simulations to design and test alternative low carbon and cost optimal sustainable scenarios.

#156 - Spread of Malware

by Jared S - 20 downloads

Amateur model of the spread of malware using the spread of disease as a base.

#157 - PINOcho el mentirososo

by Patricio javier Mackay - 6 downloads

Pinocho Cuando Pinocho miente su nariz se alarga 1 centímetro. Y cada vez que pinocho hace una obra buena se le disminuye 5 centímetros. Cada día pinocho miente unas 8 veces y hace una obra buena. Pregunta: Si el lunes en la mañana la nariz de pinocho mide 4cm. ¿Qué tan larga será el sábado en la noche?


by Serge Savary - 26 runs - 5 downloads
Download Model Play

EPIDEMGRO is a generic epidemiological model which simulates plant disease epidemic development over time and accounts for host growth and senescence

#159 - Modelo exponencial

by Carlos Salgado - 45 downloads

Mortalidad y natalidad dependientes de la densidad tasa de crecimiento per capita constante tasa de crecimiento poblacional proporcional al tamaño de la población independencia entre crecimiento poblacional y densidad

#160 - Stella project

by Julianne Bantayan - 22 downloads

Simulation showing how cyber attacks have grown in various years.


by Laetitia Willocquet - 19 runs - 1 download
Download Model Play

WHEATPEST is an agrophysiological model for wheat which simulates the effects of diseases and pests on crop growth and yield, through damage mechanisms.

#162 - Lake Mono

by Warwick Kelly - 47 downloads

#163 - Integrated PK-PD Model For Lipoamide

by Sara Rosenbaum - 17 runs

Lipoamide is a fictitious antipyretic (fever reducing) drug that is believed to work by reducing the synthesis of cytokines. Based on its mechanism of action and the characteristics of its response, an indirect effect model I (inhibition of kin) was used to model its effect. This model can be used to probe optimum dosing regimens of lipoamide.

#164 - Model 16. DDI 4 Time Dependent Enzyme Inhibition Desipramine and Paroxetine

by Sara Rosenbaum - 5 runs

This simulation demonstrates the characteristics of time dependent enzyme inhibition using paroxetine's inhibition of desipramine as an example

#165 - Two Capacities (updated)

by Douglas McKelvie - 117 runs

This model is mainly for me to experiment with the new Stella Architect software but by all means have a play. More detail to be added.

#166 - Model 21. Emax Model of Drug Response With an Effect Compartment

by Sara Rosenbaum - 66 runs

This model demonstrates how an effect compartment can be added to a pharmacokinetic model to accommodate a delay in drug response caused by a slow distribution of a drug to its site of action. The simulation also explains hysteresis

#167 - Model 15. DDI 3 Reversisble Enzyme Inhibition: Midazolam Fluconazole

by Sara Rosenbaum - 5 runs

This model demonstrates the characteristics of reversible enzyme inhibition using fluconazole's inhibition of midazolam as an example.

#168 - Tick Tock: The Biological Clock and Circadian Rhythm

by Jon Darkow - 709 runs

Explore gene expression of the transcriptional-translational feedback loop (TTFL) of the mouse circadian rhythm.

#169 - Chaos Theory: Strange Attractor

by Jon Darkow - 110 runs

Manipulate the main variables of the Lorenz equation.

#170 - Simple Negative Loop

by Rod MacDonald - 218 runs

ISAT 390, Simple Negative Loop

#171 - Carrying Capacity

by Billy Schoenberg - 30 downloads

Simple carrying capacity CLD

#172 - Introduction to Systems Dynamic Modeling

by Will - 78 downloads

Packet provided after interview

#173 - Pulse VS patient

by Abbey McDonald - 35 downloads


#174 - Velocidad Un Ferrari

by Patricio javier Mackay - 4 downloads

Velocidad Un Ferrari se detiene en una luz roja. La luz se vuelve verde. El conductor pisa el acelerador y el carro sale acelerado. Él deja el pie en el acelerador. El carro acelera a 5 millas por hora cada segundo. Pregunta: ¿Qué tan rápido ira el Ferrari 16 segundos después?

#175 - Intravenous Infusion

by Sara Rosenbaum - 723 runs

This model demonstrates the pharmacokinetic characteristics of constant continuous drug administration.

#176 - BigAl

by Stephan Ong - 76 downloads

Big Al from Mike Pidd (2014)

#177 - VFP App 2017-18

by Emily Russo - 28 downloads

systems modeling demo

#178 - Bathtub

by Anne Gallagher - 15 downloads

Introducing modeling through the bathtub model

#179 - Extended Hepatic Cl Model

by Sara Rosenbaum - 6 runs

This model assumes permeability controlled hepatic uptake and demonstrates the role of passive diffusion, hepatic uptake transporters, hepatic matabolism and hepatic efflux transporters on overall hepatic elimination

#180 - Avifauna

by Pablo Reyes Muñoz - 45 downloads

Modelo básico conceptual de la biología de las aves relacionadas con cambio global

#181 - Lac Operon with Monod Bump

by Jon Darkow - 161 runs

#182 - inventory and labor

by David Wheat - 330 runs

#183 - limitstogrowth

by Mauricio Uriona - 58 downloads

simple model for a resource-constrained population

#184 - credit card

by Christopher DiCarlo - 64 downloads

credit card for 9th grade math class

#185 - System Dynamics MFL

by Amin Ganjidoost - 289 runs - 2 downloads

#186 - Coastal Airport Resiliency Dynamics

by Rajib Basu Mallick - 2 runs

This model evaluates the resiliency of a coastal airport that can be subjected to storm surge.

#187 - Urbanseed demo

by Valerie Gacogne - 100 runs

Simulez le nombre de logements que vous pouvez construire sur une emprise donnée (en ha), le nombre d'habitants et les besoins en équipements scolaires résultant. Il s'agit d'une démonstration partielle des potentialités du logiciel Urbanseed.

#188 - ITS

by zbigniew - 70 downloads


#189 - MktStructure

by David Wheat - 414 runs

#190 - Population

by Warren Farr - 74 downloads


by Daniela - 4 downloads

diagrama forrester de un parque industrial

#192 - Mobile Success or failure

by FIT Success or Failure - 27 runs

Three life events that affect a young military members financia well being

#193 - 3 processes DON removal and isotopic fractionnation

by Benoit Thibodeau - 8 runs
Download Model Play

This model simulate the removal of DON by up to 3 different processes with modifiable rate and isotopic fractionation

#194 - da best cooker

by Oliver Jewell - 60 downloads

This is a solar cooker made from 1-meter paper panels covered in aluminum foil and tied together with thin rope.

#195 - retailco

by Shamim - 38 runs

This is a Retail Management Simulation. RetailCo has a Voluntary Trading Arrangement Model while its competitors have a business model based on Corporate owned stores.

#196 - ClimateThinking

by Steven Hodges - 69 downloads

A first model Demo. Based on Sterman and Sweeney Booth. Climatic Change (2007) 80:213–238

#197 - sample model by mark

by Ashley Endo - 80 downloads

This model was copied from Mark Heffernan: basic co flow structure

#198 - School Reform

by isee systems - 104 runs

This Story of the Month reissue examines the complexities of school reform. Inspired by a major school reform effort in Philadelphia, this story explores some of the potential unintended consequences. What happens when the focus of "fixing schools" becomes increasing scores on standardized tests? The Story of the Month series was originally issued starting in May of 2001. While many things have changed since then, many of the issues remain relevant. From corporate corruption, to terrorism, to greenhouse gasses, each story analyzed a past headline news topic from a systems thinking perspective. These topics were modeled using STELLA or iThink with the hopes to gain perspective on the system, stimulate discussion and perhaps adjust our assumptions. isee systems has been re-releasing each Story of the Month from our archives, as originally developed, with an easy-to-access isee Sim Exchange.

#199 - Population Sim with new Methodology

by Corne - 44 runs

This is the simulation that was created with the use of the new methodology of applying system dynamics. A paper is being written about this simulator's construction but here is a basic version of the interface and the effects that can be seen from the structure.

#200 - Model 14. DDI 2 Enzyme Induction

by Sara Rosenbaum - 9 runs

This simulation demonstrates the model used for the induction of the drug metabolizing enzymes. It illustrates how the inducing drug's characteristics (Emax and EC50) control the degree of induction and the rate of degradation of the enzyme controls recove..